Friday, November 15, 2013

Most iconic TV serial of Doordarshan during 90's generation

Chandrakanta : A Nostalgic element of 90's generation


Being the part of 1990 generation, we all can remember those childhood days with tension-less lifestyle. We used to watching television serial only on DD National. Chandrakata is the most famous among them.

 Here I present a nice song from Chandrkanta. hope all of you like this.

Song:             Uper umber niche dharti.

Lyrics :          Upar Umber Niche Dharti Bich me hain Dil ke Afsane. 
                     Afsano me dard hai kitna pyar ke Doshman ye na jane.
                     Beet gaye jo Gum ke lamhe ab na karo..ab na karo tum Yaad Unhe.
                     Aise Pal me kar lo Apne Pure Aaj Adhure Sapne.
                     Tum ho itne pass mere kam na karo Ehshas mujhe.
                     Phir Sochenge  Tumko pakar kaise Dil ke Pyas Bhujhe
                     Upar Ambar Niche Dharti Bich me hain Dil ke Afsane.....